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Catching Up With MyHome Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winners!

December 20, 2023

One of the most exciting parts of being an MCAP homeowner is the opportunity to participate in MyHome Sweepstakes – and having the chance to win amazing prizes! One especially exciting grand prize is $20,000 worth of mortgage payments, and just like this month, we gave away these prizes last year to five lucky homeowners as $4,000 payments against the principal of their mortgage. We caught up with some of these winners to hear more about their experience and the impact this prize will make in their lives as homeowners.

Benjamin | MCAP homeowner from Moncton, NB

Within his first year as an MCAP homeowner, Benjamin became a grand prize winner.

When Benjamin saw “MCAP” come up on his caller ID, his first thought was that he had made a mistake with his mortgage. “Needless to say, hearing about winning the mortgage payment was quite the turnaround,” he says.

So, what do Benjamin and his wife plan to do with the prize money? They’re going to use it as intended – to pay down their mortgage. “My wife and I were planning to make additional payments to our mortgage this year. With our current budget, there wasn’t much wiggle room to make any contribution. This prize answered our hopes!”

Beyond winning the grand prize, Benjamin has been a happy MCAP homeowner from the start. “We appreciate the clear communication and prompt customer service we receive from MCAP,” he says. “Thank you for the prize, and we look forward to continuing to be MCAP homeowners!”

Jason | MCAP homeowner from Estevan, SK

An MCAP homeowner for about eight years, Jason couldn’t have been happier to have won $4,000 in mortgage payments through MyHome Sweepstakes.

Just what kind of difference did winning the prize make in his life as a homeowner? “The difference is the great feeling of having less debt than before,” he says. While winning the grand prize was a welcome surprise, one of Jason’s favourite things about being an MCAP homeowner is the information he receives from MCAP. “I like all the updates and reminders MCAP provides,” he says. “They are there when I need them.”

David | MCAP homeowner from Boucherville, QC

Like many winners, disbelief was the first emotion David experienced when he was told he won the MyHome Sweepstakes Grand Prize. He explains that when he logged in to MyMCAP and saw the December prize – $4,000 in mortgage payments – he thought to himself, “I want to win that prize.” He entered the draw and got lucky! “I was surprised, amazed even,” he explains. “And then I felt super happy. I really couldn’t believe it.”

The win will help David pay off his mortgage faster – and possibly allow him and his family to take a nice vacation in the summer.

Since becoming an MCAP homeowner a few years ago, David has appreciated being able to see all the available information about his mortgage on the MyMCAP homeowner portal, as well as the great customer service. “And of course, the MyHome Sweepstakes contest, which I discovered when I first logged in!”

About the MyHome Sweepstakes

Want to hear from other MCAP winners? Read about Peter’s experience winning the $ 5,000 home renovation prize and his personal strategy for boosting his chances.

If you’re an existing MCAP homeowner, log in to MyMCAP and click on the MyHome Sweepstakes banner to register for your chance to win amazing prizes like this one!

Not yet an MCAP homeowner? See if MCAP is the right fit for you. Reach out to a mortgage broker near you for more information.

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