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Buying your first home

These are exciting times. We can help you get ready for homeownership.

Ready to start your homeownership journey?

We know how thrilling it can be to buy your first home. We also know it can be a little overwhelming — especially when it comes to getting a mortgage.

We’re here to help you through the process and aim to make the experience of buying your first home smooth, straightforward and as exciting as it should be.

Take a look at the four steps that kick off the process of getting your first mortgage. Let’s get started!

Your journey to homeownership

4 steps to your first mortgage

  • Understand your mortgage options

    Mortgages aren’t one-size-fits-all. Check out our mortgage options to get an idea for what’s right for you.

    Mortgage products
  • Calculate your monthly mortgage payments

    Figure out what works for your budget. Use our calculator to crunch the numbers and gain some home buying confidence.

    Mortgage payment calculator
  • Consider mortgage insurance

    Your home may be the largest purchase you ever make. Learn how to protect your family, lifestyle, and your investment from unexpected life events.

    Mortgage protection insurance
  • Contact a mortgage broker

    Once you’ve done some groundwork, a mortgage broker can help you move forward with confidence.

    Find a broker

Why use a mortgage broker?

Watch our quick video to understand the benefits of using a mortgage broker.

WATCH THE VIDEO Why use a mortgage broker?

Your journey to homeownership

WATCH THE VIDEO Your journey to homeownership

Paying your property taxes

MCAP offers the option to pay your property taxes with your MCAP mortgage, giving you one less bill to worry about.

PROPERTY TAX SERVICE Paying your property taxes

Get Started

For questions, rates, or to start a mortgage application, professional mortgage brokers are available to help.

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Programs and Resources for First-Time Homebuyers

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What’s a Mortgage and What Types of Mortgages are Available?

What’s a Mortgage and What Types of Mortgages are Available?

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Your journey to homeownership

Your journey to homeownership

There's a lot to do and consider when buying your first home — and sometimes you don't know where to start. Watch our step-by-step video that breaks down the homebuying process, making the path to homeownership a little smoother.



MCAP has a long history of helping Canadians achieve their homeownership dreams. Discover what makes MCAP stand apart, why homeowners have been choosing us for over 35 years, and how our commitment to the community is helping build affordable homes for Canadian families.