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MyHome Sweepstakes Winner Was Thrilled to Claim the Big Prize!

August 24, 2023

Homeownership proves to be a rewarding journey. The great fulfillment of crafting a space that reflects your character and materializes your aspirations and cherished memories is unparalleled. Nevertheless, owning your dream house can also present a substantial financial commitment, involving mortgage payments, maintenance expenses, and, not to forget, the ongoing responsibility of property taxes.

MyHome Sweepstakes Prizes That Meet Homeowner Needs

At MCAP, we aim to make homeownership easier, more fun, and more affordable through MyHome Sweepstakes. The prizes offered in this contest are carefully curated to help our homeowners make the most of their homes by addressing the real-world needs that come with owning and maintaining their properties.

As one of those needs, MCAP covers the property tax bill of one lucky MyHome Sweepstakes winner for a year. We had the chance to connect with Vanessa M. from Whitby, ON, who won the 2022 Property Taxes for a Year Prize and asked about her feelings about winning one of the grand prizes.

Hear From a Grand Prize Winner

I was flabbergasted when I found out. I’ve been entering the sweepstakes for years and never, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would win!

— Vanessa M.

An MCAP homeowner for over 15 years, Vanessa couldn’t be more excited to have won. She explains that winning property tax for a year has allowed her to feel a bit less stressed about her finances. “Knowing that I have these funds in my savings account has given me a bit more reassurance, when and if the time comes that I may have to make a major purchase,” she says.

Holding On to the Extra Funds Until They’re Needed

Vanessa hasn’t spent any of her winnings yet, keeping them aside in her savings account until she needs them. For now, she is pleased to have an extra cushion that offers some financial comfort.

A long-time MCAP client, Vanessa has always appreciated the seamless mortgage experience she has enjoyed over the years. “From my renewals to questions answered to having my property taxes paid through MCAP’s service… I can only say great things about MCAP and would definitely refer them to anyone.”

It’s always wonderful to get such great feedback from MCAP homeowners, hearing first-hand that the service, tools, and resources we offer truly help our homeowners enjoy homeownership to the fullest.

About the MyHome Sweepstakes

MCAP gives away a new prize every month, including 4 grand prizes throughout the year within MCAP MyHome Sweepstakes. It’s easy to participate – once registered for the contest, homeowners can collect a monthly ballot by completing an activity. There are also ways to earn extra ballots to increase the chance of winning.

See if MCAP is the right fit for you! Reach out to a mortgage broker near you for more information.

If you’re an existing MCAP homeowner, log in to MyMCAP and click on the MyHome Sweepstakes banner to register for your chance to win prizes.

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