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Financing Options

MCAP’s strength is working with developers and builders to create unique value-added financing solutions to meet their individual project needs. We offer a variety of loan types and loan structures to suit a wide range of development initiatives:

Land Loans

MCAP provides both conventional and high ratio land acquisition loans for projects with short to mid-term development horizons. MCAP understands the land entitlement process and works with Borrowers as they move their projects through the development approval process.

Land Development Loans

MCAP provides both on-site and off-site land development/servicing loans (debt, mezzanine and equity). MCAP lends against future serviced lot value, recoverable costs and residual land. In addition to providing the necessary project specific cost to complete financing, MCAP also provides the required Letters of Credit to allow the project to satisfy municipal requirements.

Condominium Construction Loans

MCAP provides cost to complete construction loans (debt, mezzanine and equity) for low, mid and high-rise condominium projects. In addition, MCAP provides revolving and non-revolving townhouse construction loans to ensure the loan structures have the flexibility to meet client’s needs.

Freehold Construction Loans

MCAP provides loan facilities for the construction of single family product. These loan facilities are designed for the vertically integrated land developers that require funding to construct and sell the houses to end consumers.

Commercial Construction Loans

MCAP provides financing for the construction of single or multi-tenant commercial buildings such as retail strip plazas, industrial condominiums and commercial office towers.

Residential Inventory Loans

MCAP provides financing for completed inventory units that are available for sale.

Equity and Mezzanine Loans

MCAP provides postponed and subordinated equity and mezzanine loans to help you meet your financing obligation as required by other MCAP loan facilities or by other Lenders in the marketplace.

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