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Property Tax Service

Let MCAP take care of your property tax bill and never worry about missing a payment.

4 reasons to pay your property tax with your MCAP mortgage

Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeowner, property taxes can creep up on you quickly. When you pay your property taxes through MCAP, your tax bill is one less thing to worry about.

  1. Planning made easier. Rather than making a lump sum payment yourself, MCAP collects a smaller amount along with your regular mortgage payments.

  2. On-time payments, every time. MCAP will pay your property taxes on time, avoiding any possibility of late fees.

  3. One less bill to worry about. MCAP will collect a set amount along with your regular mortgage payment.

  4. Complimentary service. We offer the MCAP Property Tax Service as a complimentary benefit to all our mortgage holders.

Paying your property taxes with MCAP

How the Property Tax Service works:

  • MCAP collects the estimated tax amount

    We take a portion of your estimated property taxes along with your regular mortgage payment.

  • We set the money aside

    The money is placed in a Property Tax Savings Account until it’s needed.

  • Send us your first bill

    When you receive your first property tax bill, forward it to us.

  • MCAP will pay on your behalf

    After the first bill is paid by MCAP, the municipality updates its information to indicate MCAP will be paying the taxes on your behalf.

Common Questions About Our Property Tax Service

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