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MCAP Residential Mortgages

We’re here to create a smooth and straightforward homeownership experience. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey.

What are your homeownership goals?

While homeownership is your ultimate goal, there are many steps involved in the process. From buying to mortgage refinancing to renewal, no one can do it alone. That’s why we’re here — to work alongside you and facilitate a smooth homeownership experience from start to finish.

Why choose MCAP for your mortgage?

As Canada’s largest independent Mortgage Finance Company, MCAP helps you find the best mortgage for your homeownership needs. We offer residential mortgage solutions to suit your financial goals.

Great Rates

We’re proud to offer competitive residential mortgage rates to our mortgage clients.

A Partner You Can Trust

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your home buying dreams.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer payment schedules and options to suit your lifestyle and goals.

Calculate your mortgage payments

Mortgage Details

Calculate your mortgage payments

How much can you afford? Whether you’re looking to buy, refinance, or it’s mortgage renewal time, use our mortgage calculator to determine your residential mortgage payments.

Amortization Period

Current prime rate

The prime rate is the annual interest rate that major banks and lenders within Canada use to set variable rate mortgages, such as the MCAP adjustable rate mortgage. The prime rate is influenced by the rate set by the Bank of Canada.

View the historical prime rate

MCAP Prime Rate


Effective June 6, 2024

Ready to buy? Here’s what to expect

When it’s time to find your dream home, it’s time to find a mortgage broker. Here’s what to expect as you secure a mortgage.

Find a broker: Working with a broker can save time, effort and money! With access to a variety of residential mortgage products, brokers can help find the best mortgage for your needs. Because brokers work with mortgage products every day, they can guide you through the mortgage process and provide expert advice every step of the way. Visit the Find a Broker tool to find a local mortgage broker in your area.

The right mortgage for you: Finding the right mortgage is about more than finding the lowest rate. Other things to consider are available terms and payment flexibility, whether there are any restrictions, and if you can qualify. Your mortgage broker will work with you and evaluate these and other factors when recommending the right mortgage.

Why choose MCAP?

Discover why MCAP is a great partner for your home buying journey.


Why use a mortgage broker?

Watch our quick video to understand the benefits of using a mortgage broker.

WATCH THE VIDEO Why use a mortgage broker?

Paying your property taxes

We offer the convenient option to pay your property taxes with your regular mortgage payment, giving you one less bill to worry about.

PROPERTY TAX SERVICE Paying your property taxes

Mortgage protection

Your home is likely the largest purchase you’ll make. Make sure it’s protected.


Get Started

For questions, rates or to start a mortgage application, professional mortgage brokers are available to help.

Residential Mortgage FAQ