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MyHome Sweepstakes Winners Describe Their Grand Prize Winning Experience

December 22, 2022

If you’re like most Canadians, your home is likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make. Becoming mortgage-free is a major goal for many homeowners, and one that takes time and discipline. Reaching it ahead of schedule requires some extra work and planning… and maybe a little bit of luck!

$20,000 in Mortgage Payments for MyHome Sweepstakes Winners

In 2021, five lucky MCAP homeowners each won a $4,000 payment against the principal of their mortgage through MyHome Sweepstakes. To be entered, all they had to do was collect ballots by completing MyHome Sweepstakes monthly activities.

I was shocked when I heard I won. I always knew someone won MyHome Sweepstakes, but I never thought it would be me. I woke my husband with the news, and he didn’t believe me! It was an exciting moment.

— Alicia P.

We had the chance to connect with two winners – Alicia from Edmonton and Eugene from Calgary, who each won the $4,000 grand prize. Alicia, who has been an MCAP customer since 2017, told us that winning the prize offers her family more financial freedom – both for planning for the future and also knowing that they are a step closer to retirement. “Winning has provided us with more options knowing that the house will be paid off almost six months sooner than we thought,” Alicia says.

Regular Entries Boosted the Odds of Winning

MyHomeSweepstakes Ballots

Like Alicia, Eugene didn’t think he would actually win. “So far in my lifetime, I’ve never won a big prize. Usually, I’m not that lucky,” he says. He credits his regular participation in the MyHome Sweepstakes monthly activities for the turnaround. “I collect my ballots by going onto [MyMCAP] every month and answering [survey] questions. Every month I finish the questionnaire, and that increased my chances of winning,” explains Eugene.

While the $4,000 will be applied to his mortgage, the savings will allow Eugene to replace his roof – a home improvement he’s wanted to do for a while. “I can use the mortgage savings to put money towards that project,” he says.

MCAP Website Offers More Than a Chance to Win

Eugene’s regular visit to the MCAP website did more than boost his chances of winning the grand prize – it also boosted his financial knowledge. He told us that the information he has learned from the website is one of the main benefits of having his mortgage with MCAP. “MCAP has a great website where I could gain a lot of financial knowledge,” he says. “It’s also very easy to find my mortgage documentation there. I feel that MCAP is always beside me, supporting me.”

Alicia echoes the sentiment, saying that she has appreciated MCAP’s easy-to-use homeowner portal, MyMCAP. “The quick access to my documents and having the mortgage calculator has helped us with future planning,” she says. “In fact, we used the mortgage calculator to know exactly how this prize changes our future mortgage payments.”

We couldn’t be happier that Eugene and Alicia have found such great value in the resources, tools, and activities available on – and that not only have their online interactions led to an amazing grand prize win, but they have also provided them with knowledge and confidence to support their homeownership goals.

See if MCAP is the right fit for you! Reach out to a mortgage broker near you for more information.

If you’re an existing MCAP homeowner, log in to MyMCAP and click on the MyHome Sweepstakes banner to register for your chance to win prizes.

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