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Commercial and Construction Loan Servicing

MCAP provides customized loan servicing solutions for pension funds, life insurers, banks and other institutional lines of business. Investors who outsource with us enjoy the benefits of being able to focus on key investment decisions for their mortgage portfolios while we take care of all the back end paperwork for you.

Institutional investors looking to outsource their mortgage portfolios choose MCAP because we offer a full service package that includes:

Proven and experienced staff

MCAP's broad and specialized servicing team have the practical and professional experience in all economic conditions to provide the best in expert service to our investors.

Flexible servicing technology

MCAP seeks to understand your business requirements and customizes our service offering to reflect your individual needs, ensuring the information and level of service your stakeholders expect.

Multiple servicing platforms

MCAP provides targeted lending for all industries, and we can tailor our service offering to meet your needs, no matter how simple or complex.

Institutional controls, regulatory requirements and disaster recovery programs

As a rated servicer and CMHC approved lender, MCAP meets all regulatory and institutional requirements, including audit and insurance standards, anti-money laundering and business continuity planning.

Information security

Maintaining the integrity of your personal financial information is one of our top priorities. By providing the latest technology and ensuring our staff stay up to date on security issues, MCAP takes every precaution to keep your data safe.

Financial strength

Since 1981, MCAP has been serving the mortgage industry and is one of the largest independent lenders in Canada. With more than $140 billion in assets under management, we are a solid, long-standing and respected financing alternative to traditional products for borrowers and investors alike.

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