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Residential Mortgage Outsourcing

As the largest mortgage servicer in Canada, MCAP offers a comprehensive suite of services that complement your business, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we take care of the rest.

Outsourcing expertise, customized service

Outsourcing any part of the mortgage life cycle is a highly specialized service, requiring unique expertise, skills, and systems. MCAP provides a range of residential mortgage outsourcing solutions for residential lenders and commercial investors, as well as investors in residential construction. With a proven history of successful private label portfolio management for over two decades, servicing expertise, and flexible technology, MCAP can provide a customized service that meets your business needs.

Our Strengths

Specialized expertise

Our team at MCAP is comprised of mortgage industry experts. Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we guide lenders through the mortgage outsourcing process from inception to implementation.

Market-leading technologies

Supported by MCAP’s world-class IT team, we leverage our market-leading technologies to provide innovative solutions that enable efficiency, accuracy, and customization for our clients.

Scalable infrastructure and processes

We provide first-class operational support, drawing on our robust infrastructure that’s built on both our team’s expertise and our clients’ feedback. By listening and learning we consistently exceed expectations in the support we provide.

What We Offer

  • Mortgage Outsourcing

    Our industry experts offer advice, management tools, and access to proven frameworks.

  • Origination Services

    MCAP offers underwriting, fulfillment, and mortgage closing services to meet all your origination needs.

  • Mortgage Servicing

    MCAP provides the most comprehensive mortgage servicing package in the industry. We also implement technology upgrades and regulatory changes at no cost to our clients.

  • Special Services

    We provide additional services to support your operations where needed, such as loan purchases, access to MCAP’s underwriting and funding platforms, pool management, reporting, and more.

Our Team

Randy Aldworth

Randy Aldworth

Vice President, Lender Relations

Randy Aldworth leads MCAP’s residential mortgage outsourcing team and is responsible for the management and growth of this line of business. He is accountable for the strategic relationships with MCAP’s residential mortgage outsourcing clients, as well as oversite of the operational teams that provide private label origination and mortgage servicing to MCAP’s lender clients.

Marie Kriz

Marie Kriz

Senior Director, Corporate Strategic Initiatives

Marie has extensive experience in the mortgage industry, with most of her career focused on account management for residential mortgage outsourcing lenders. The conduit between MCAP and lenders, she manages new initiatives, services, escalations, and new account setup.

Mary Noctor

Mary Noctor

Senior Director, Lender Initiatives

With vast expertise gained throughout her tenure at MCAP, Mary works with the organization’s existing residential mortgage outsourcing clients on initiatives such as new product launches, enhancements, and portfolio changes. She also plays an active role launching relationships with startups who are new to residential mortgage outsourcing with MCAP.

Cassandra Cook<br/>

Cassandra Cook

Senior Director, Origination Operations

A skilled and experienced mortgage professional, Cassandra acts as an account manager for residential mortgage outsourcing lenders who are using MCAP technology to fund their mortgages, and runs the operations for the lenders who have outsourced their underwriting and funding to MCAP.

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