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Meet the MCAP Development Finance Group: Elaine Cheung

October 11, 2022

Strong relationships are the foundation for successful construction and development projects. As you do business with your network of partners, you want to know they have your back, are invested in the success of your project and can be called upon when extra support is needed. When it comes to your financing partner, you want to be confident they have the knowledge, experience and commitment to see you through the project from start to finish.

As part of our new Meet the Team series, MCAP is introducing key members of our Development Finance Group to new, existing and prospective clients, so you can understand how the team works and learn more about who’s behind you as you do business.

Elaine Cheung is a team member in our Vancouver office. In a recent conversation, Elaine shares some background about her experience and the collaborative nature of the Development Finance Group at MCAP.

Introducing Elaine Cheung: Senior Analyst, Vancouver

Elaine, tell us about your experience in the industry

I began working at MCAP in 2015 after graduating from UBC with a degree in Business and a specialization in Finance. Since starting my career at MCAP, I’ve been able to work on numerous projects, learning the nuances of each deal along the way and meeting people in all facets of the industry.

Why should a client choose MCAP for their construction financing needs?

Our Development Finance Group is very skilled at creating unique and tailored financing for various construction, land and inventory loans that suit the needs of each project. We offer more creative and competitive loan structuring than the Schedule 1 banks, with the ability to provide spec financing in certain situations. Our flexibility, ingenuity and ability to customize solutions sets us apart.

What makes MCAP’s Development Finance Group unique?

We are a small team in the Vancouver office – there are only 12 of us that work closely together on all aspects of the loan life cycle. As such, it makes collaboration easy and efficient. As well, the other members of the Development Finance Group throughout the country are easy to reach and always willing to pick up the phone to have a chat on how best to serve the needs of our clients.

What is your approach to tackling difficult or complicated deals?

When approaching a complicated deal, I rely on the wonderful teamwork we have at MCAP. I’ll speak with colleagues and senior staff to get advice and to pick their brains. They are always helpful and willing to talk through loan structure and discuss the best possible path forward.

How do you and your team stay motivated throughout a deal?

While team members may be individually working through a deal, there’s always strong collaboration on our team. We bounce ideas and thoughts off each other, which is great motivation through difficult deals, or for deals that don’t have a straight path to approvals.

How does MCAP’s Development Finance Group enable success?

Every member of the team, no matter their level of seniority, is available and accessible to others. This open support nurtures an environment of teamwork and success.

What is the best way for new clients to contact you?

I can be reached at (604) 630-3651 or by email at

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