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Meet the MCAP Development Finance Group Team: Herman Kwan

July 08, 2022

Strong relationships are the foundation for successful construction and development projects. As you do business with your network of partners, you want to know they have your back, are invested in the success of your project and can be called upon when extra support is needed. When it comes to your financing partner, you want to be confident they have the knowledge, experience and commitment to see you through the project from start to finish.

As part of our new Meet the Team series, MCAP is introducing key members of our Development Finance Group to new, existing, and prospective clients, so you can understand how the team works and learn more about who’s behind you as you do business.

Herman Kwan is a team member in our Vancouver office, and we had the pleasure of asking him a few questions about his experience and his team in a recent conversation.

Introducing Herman Kwan: Managing Director, Vancouver

Herman Kwan

Herman, tell us about your experience in the industry

I have over 26 years of experience in construction finance and have been with MCAP since 1999. Over the course of my career at MCAP I have been an Underwriter, Account Manager, Senior Director, Managing Director, and almost everything else in between.

Why should a client choose MCAP for their construction financing needs?

MCAP has a dedicated team that specializes in construction finance, which allows for a deep understanding of the development process and active engagement in the market. As a result, we tailor our deals to what our clients need and offer market intelligence and advice that can help them make informed decisions. We provide a one-stop-shop for our clients, as we have the ability to provide both first and second mortgage financing and A/B structured loans.

What makes MCAP’s Development Finance Group unique?

One of the most distinct characteristics of our team is that there is very little turnover. Consequently, the staff has a high level of knowledge and expertise, and with the continuity of our staff, our clients have the opportunity to work with individuals who are familiar with their business, their needs and their goals.

How do you tackle difficult or complicated deals?

I am the first to admit that what we do is not rocket science. At the end of the day, what seems complicated usually just requires a bit more information to understand and explain. Once that’s done, we can determine what the client’s needs are and determine what solutions we can provide to work around any obstacles or complexities.

How do you and your team stay motivated throughout a deal?

Motivation is never an issue here! We all have a very high level of engagement and our team members love doing deals.

How does MCAP’s Development Finance Team enable success?

Trust is key with our team – our team has a great deal of freedom to execute their work as MCAP has significant trust and confidence in their abilities, judgement and knowledge. This environment fosters great engagement and satisfaction, resulting in a high performing team.

What is the best way for new clients to contact you?

I can be reached by phone (604) 630-3665 or by email at

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