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MyHome Sweepstakes Monthly Prizes

Month Prize
February $1,000 Visa gift card
March $5,000 Home Renovation1
April $1,000 Amazon gift card
May $750 Lowe’s gift card to three winners
June $1,000 Best Buy gift card
July $750 Canadian Tire gift card to three winners
August Property Tax for a Year2
September $5,000 Community Giveback Package3
October $1,000 Sobeys gift card to three winners
November $1,000 TJX (Winners, HomeSense, Marshalls) gift card
December $20,000 Worth of Mortgage Payments4

disclaimer 1 Home Renovation prize winner will receive a $5,000 Home Depot gift card. disclaimer 2 Property Tax for a Year prize winner will have their property tax (up to $8,500) covered for the 2023 property tax year. disclaimer 3 Community GiveBack Package winner will receive a $2,500 Visa gift card to you and a $2,500 donation to a charity of choice (see Contest Rules for more information). disclaimer 4 $20,000 Worth of Mortgage Payments grand prize will have 5 winners, each receiving a $4,000 payment against the principal of their mortgage.