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MCAP Safeguard Mortgage

A premium second mortgage solution for MCAP homeowners.

For many Canadian homeowners, accessing their home equity is an appealing way to finance their goals – whether it’s to renovate, buy a second property or consolidate debt. But it often comes at a cost through refinancing or prepayment fees.

The MCAP Safeguard Mortgage is an innovative solution that lets homeowners easily access equity without touching their existing mortgage.

Learn more about the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage

Here’s how the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage is different:

  • Innovative

    A second mortgage that can be easily added to an existing and eligible MCAP or RMG mortgage

  • Access to funds

    Homeowners can access their equity at today’s rates

  • Easy

    Homeowners can add the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage without waiting for the renewal date of their current mortgage

  • Savings

    Homeowners pay no penalties for prepaying or discharging their current mortgage

Learn more today

Apply online today or contact MCAP to learn more.

Click here to download the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage brochure.

Brokers can access the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage product sheet on Professor.

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