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Property Tax Service

Let MCAP Take Care of Your Property Tax Bill

Whether you’re a new or seasoned home buyer, property taxes can often creep up on you quickly. With MCAP’s Property Tax Service, you’ll never have to worry about missing a tax payment!

How It Works

  1. MCAP collects a portion of your estimated property taxes from you with your regular mortgage payment
  2. The money is set aside in a Property Tax Savings Account
  3. When you receive your first tax bill, simply email us at or fax to 1-866-370-0660.
  4. After the first bill has been paid by MCAP, your municipality will update its information to indicate that MCAP will be paying the taxes on your behalf.

If you make any changes with the municipality, please ensure the municipality is informed to continue sending the tax information to MCAP for payment.

4 Reasons to Pay Your Property Tax with Your MCAP Mortgage

Make Planning Easier

Make Planning Easier

Rather than making a lump sum payment yourself, MCAP simplifies the process by setting aside a small amount from each of your regular mortgage payments.



MCAP will pay your property taxes on time, avoiding any possibility of late fees. When the tax bill arrives, we’ll make sure it’s fully paid on time on your behalf.

Streamline Payments

Streamline Payments

When you sign up for MCAP’s Property Tax Service, you have one less bill to worry about.

It's Free!

It's Free!

The Property Tax Service is complimentary.

More Benefits of MCAPs Property Tax Service

  • The payments that MCAP collects are smaller and easier to handle than the direct bills you receive from your municipality.
  • Your account is reviewed at the end of each tax year to make sure we have collected enough, but not too much. We’ll notify you in advance if we need to change the amount we are collecting.
  • Each year, we’ll send you a property tax statement letting you know how much was paid on your behalf.

MCAP Property Tax Service: More Information

Add the MCAP Property Tax Service to Your Mortgage Today!

Call 1-800-265-2624 or email to enroll.

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