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MyHome Sweepstakes

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Did you know MCAP has a MyHome Sweepstakes Contest?  Each month MCAP mortgage customers can earn ballots towards home related prizes of $1,000 and a $2,000 payment against the principal of your mortgage up to 3 times a year! 

Registering for MyHome Sweepstakes is easy!  If you are an MCAP mortgage holder in good standing and registered for MyMCAP, your online mortgage portal, you can enter each month to earn a ballot for our monthly draws.

Air Canada - $1,000January, June
Mortgage Payment - $2,000February, September, December - $1,000March, November
Home Hardware - $1,000April, July, October
Best Buy - $1,000May, August

Complete a 30-second survey and earn a chance to Win a $200 Bonus prize!

Bonus Prize Bonus Months
$200March, June, July, October

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