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CMHC Insured Mortgages

MCAP, one of Canada’s largest independent originators of CMHC mortgages is your Expert Partner with in depth knowledge of CMHC's multi-family products for both new and existing properties. Our focus is to provide long term financing on apartment buildings, retirement home projects and affordable housing projects.

Eligible Property Types — Residential Rental & Retirement Homes


  • —British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
  • —Minimum Population of 20,000

Loan Amounts — $2.0 M to $100 M

Loan To Value — Up to 85%

Terms — 5 and 10 Years

Interest Rate — Spread over interpolated Canada Mortgage Bond Rates

Recourse — As may be required by CMHC

Lender Fees — N/A

Commitment Fees — 1% paid on commitment acceptance and refunded on loan advance

Amortization — Up to 40 years

Eligible Security — First Mortgages, Second Mortgages, Pari Passu Mortgages, Top-ups

Tax Escrow — May be required

Minimum Debt — Five Year – 1.30X

Service Coverage — Ten Year – 1.20X

Reserves / Holdbacks — May be required per CMHC Certificate of Insurance

Reports — Phase | ESA

Interest Rates

MCAP offers market competitive rates.

Carry your Rate Forward

MCAP also offers our clients forward fix features as part of the financing package, preserving low rates longer.

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